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The First Annual Zeke Awards! The Winners Are....

Jim Tudor

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At ZekeFilm.org (our website and organization devoted to fostering community via our collective love of cinema) we've tracked all the mud we can all over the red carpet, and now, with the clock ticking down on the 2013/14 film awards season, we're happy to post the results of our First Annual Zeke Awards!  
The categories were determined by the ZekeFilm founders, the nominees were selected by our contributing writers, and the results were chosen by our readers.  Below are the winners in our top categories.  For the rest of the winners, runners-up, and write-ups on the results, including Best Actress & Best Actor, visit the Awards results page at http://www.zekefilm.org/2014/02/24/the-results-are-in-the-first-annual-zeke-awards/.
Best Movie of the Year:  12 YEARS A SLAVE
Most Spiritually Significant Film:  DON JON
Best Comedy:  FRANCES HA
Most ThoughtProvoking Film:  HER
Most Important Film:  12 YEARS A SLAVE
Best Genre Film:  (Tie) FROZEN & HER
Thanks to all who participated in the First Annual ZekeFilm Zeke Awards!

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