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the Urge 2 - It Lies Within


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This thread is for my upcoming short animated film.  Right now we are just finishing off the sound mix and then I'll be sending it to film festivals.




I've decided to respond to a few of Josie's questions from another thread here.




Josie had said:


: I know loosely about the composition of frames per second but my mind  definitely glosses over the numbers - how much detail and labor goes into the impression of spontaneity. Maybe it has to in order to watch a film on its own terms.



In my film the character animation is mostly 24 frames per-second as is done in Disney films.  It makes for smoother more beautiful animation in my opinion.  I was greatly influenced by the mentorship of Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit director, amongst other films) at his Animation Masterclass in New York.  He was a big proponent of animating on "ones" and taught on this.  It also allows for greater control with the timing of the character and more control and precision with the movement.  There are times though when Disney animators will work with twos or even fours for an effect.  For instance if the character was hitting a nail with a hammer there might be a hold on twos to give it more impact.




: How much of the work are  you able to do yourself with these films?



On this film the story, backgrounds and animation were all done by myself.  I have worked with others on commercial work, but this is very much and independent personal film, as is the earlier film that it is based on.  For both films I hired a composer and sound engineer.  




:I did like it and if I were an Indieflix subscriber I'd have watched the rest.




You can see it here for free.  But don't tell anyone.   ;)




I'll note that the Urge was a first film and very much a learning film.  I really didn't know what I was doing when I started it.  This new one is much more accomplished.  Oh.... and it has much deeper themes and questions than the first film.  The first film is really just a one trick joke.

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I've been a member of this community for years and I simply set up a thread in order to answer questions presented on another thread, in a more appropriate place.  This thread was set up over 2 years ago, and people in this community constantly talk about their projects on Arts and Faith.  Anything from new websites, to new books.  Indeed this is in the filmmakers section where people are supposed to talk about their projects, and I believe have even presented videos of their projects.


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Oh.  Unless you mean the link in that earlier thread.  Aniboom apparently has changed their format since that link.  It used to be like this, playing mostly independent animated films.

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