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I reviewed this at SXSW for what it's worth: 


All was well and good until one of the team members reveals a tattoo of an upside down cross. He's a "LaVey Satanist with slight theistic tendencies." I wondered if this was just a set up for a single throw away gag—he needs to add a second tattoo that reads "this end up," but I don't really want to stick around for episode two to find out. Feel free to tell me that makes me a consumer bigot.


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I borrowed season 1 from the library and binged on it all last week.  The LaVey Satanist character is my only grievance with the show, even though I get where Judge is deriving comedy from it.  (It truly stinks that it's played by the only actor I recognized from the credits, Martin Starr, an alumnus from the Judd Apatow frat-base ("Freaks and Geeks","Knocked Up").

But the series itself leads up to a punchline in episode 7 that just makes me giggle uncontrollably. 

I'm still over a season behind, so here's hoping it improves.

Nick Alexander

Keynote, Worship Leader, Comedian, Parodyist

Host of the Prayer Meeting Podcast - your virtual worship oasis. (Subscribe)

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