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Future Islands

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I was surprised to see no one talking about this performance here. I can't stop watching it.


I can't remember a front-man performance as mesmerizing as this. Part of the fun for me (and friends) is trying to come up with adequate hybrid descriptions:



Tom Jones + Henry Rollins + a pigeon

Carlton (from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) + Kevin Spacey + Beelzebub

Rick Astley + Burt Reynolds + Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons)

William Shatner + Tom Waits + Aerobics Instructor

How can a single song/performance bring together so many disparate influences/references/connotations and make it work?! The music, sans vocals, is pretty straightforward pop/electronic but throw in Samuel T. Herring and I can't help thinking of Las Vegas, the 80s, Death Metal (or whatever subgenre...I can't keep them straight), etc., etc.

The new album and the one before are good, too. 

PS - I love how enthused Dave is afterward!

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