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The Tommy Westphall Universe

John Drew

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The Tommy Westphall Universe
Heard about this site the other day and decided to take a look.  It's dedicated to TV shows (excluding cartoons and movies) that crossed paths (directly or indirectly) with the series St. Elsewhere.  It postulates the question (MAJOR spoiler alert if you've never seen St. Elsewhere) -
Since the series St. Elsewhere was revealed to be a figment of imagination of a young, autistic Tommy Westphall, then how many TV shows that directly crossed paths with St. Elsewhere (Homicide and Cheers, for example), and how many other shows that directly crossed paths with those original crossovers (X-Files, 24, Law and Order, etc) could be said to have come out of the mind of Tommy Westphall? 
So far, a list of 375 shows has been compiled.  I've only scanned the briefest amount of this site, but the pdf's are amazing.



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