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Early days yet, but we might as well have a thread since several of us here--including myself, recently--dig Wong Kar Wai. According to JayneStars, Wong Kar Wai's next project is an adaptation of an online story:


Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (王家衛) is currently planning a new project for 2015. Wong plans to adapt the online short story Ferryman <擺渡人>, written by Zhang Jiajia (張嘉佳). Ferryman centers around a turbulent affair between a woman and a married artist from Changchan. The story is part of an online fiction series called I Belonged to You <從你的全世界路過>, a collection of love stories that was originally published on the Internet as the “bedtime series” franchise.



JayneStars is--not exactly a high-brow source. Apparently they got their information from the Sina--but since I don't read Chinese, I can't confirm it.


No word on if Tony Leung will be playing the lead.


EDIT: Here's: Film Business Asia:


Originally published on the internet as "bedtime stories", the book is divided into 38 chapters. It is described as a "cluttered" collection of love stories written in the style of a "friend narrating his tales to you in the middle of the night."
Wong's film is an adaptation of the chapter called 擺渡人 (literally Ferryman), about an affair between a girl and a married artist in Changchun. Rights for individual chapters of the book have reportedly been sold to other film companies, but Wong's adaptation is the first that has been officially announced by Zhang himself.



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With Tony Leung Chiu-wai. Apparently Wong is only producing; the new director, Zhang Jiajia, is the author of the original story.


Tony Leung said “I took Ferryman because I want to play a romantic comedy.” He said that this time he took the role after reading only the synopsis, so far he still has not seen a script. He fully trusted his frequent collaborator Wong Kar-wai. After ten years without a romantic comedy he said that he had a lot of pressure with the performance.
Wong Kar-wai said that the script was being worked on. Wong was asked about only producing instead of directing and he listed five reasons for this. “This story is very influential, its director must be able to achieve five points, including that it must be like hot pot casserole, must be able to drink, must have a post 80 nostalgia, sounds like Wong Kar Wai but actually is Stephen Chow, and have the attention of a lot of women. Thus Zhang Jiajia is the most suitable.”


EDIT: The LA Times has a bit more, including confirmation that, yes, this Alibaba Pictures is  the Alibaba you're thinking of.


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba plunged into the filmmaking business last year, buying a controlling stake in Hong Kong-based ChinaVision Media Group for more than $800 million and changing its name to Alibaba Pictures. Alibaba aims to leverage its dominant position in online sales and payments, along with reams of data on consumer behavior and preferences, to push into the entertainment arena.
In addition to Zhang's film, whose Chinese title, "Bai Du Ren," means "Ferryman," Alibaba Pictures said Sunday it had acquired the adaptation rights for “My Fair Princess,” which has been previously made into several popular Chinese TV series. The company has also bought the overseas distribution rights for the film “Wolf Totem,” a long-in-the-making Chinese film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and based on a popular book about a Beijing student sent to teach in Inner Mongolia in the late 1960s.
Reports that Wong and Zhang would cooperate on “Ferryman” surfaced last summer; at that time, several articles suggested that Wong would direct the film. But in unveiling the project Sunday, Wong, 56, said the film should be directed by someone who seeings things from the perspective of somone in their 30s, adding that Zhang was “very emotionally attached” to the story.
Zhang, 34, has never directed a film before but is a popular online writer and a collection of his short stories, “I Belonged to You,” was a bestseller last year in China.
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I missed this a while back, but I should note here that Wong Kar Wai moved on from this movie to direct something called Blossoms.

Based on an award-winning novel by Shanghai author JIN Yucheng 金宇澄, Blossoms is a collection of stories that take place over two time periods in Shanghai: the 1960s to the mid-1970s and from the 1980s to the late 1990's.

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