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A search of the games forum finds only two posts by me, including this one from 5 years ago in the "Favorite Board Games" thread: 


Has the subject of target age come up yet? I'm sure no one will be shocked to learn I'm most interested in games for up to five or six players, ideally accessible to younger children as well as interesting and engaging to older ones. Any highlights from the thread spring to mind?


Since I wrote that, our family took up poker, which we played assiduously for quite awhile. We bought a nice set of 500 chips and everything. We've played all kinds of poker, most often 7-card stud and Texas Hold 'Em, but also Ohama Hi-Lo and a truly odd variant called Oxford Stud. 


We even had a match against another poker-playing family whom we totally dominated. (We divided into teams, and the final championship round was all Greydanuses.) 


So I like poker a lot. Lately, though, one or two of the kids has soured a bit on the game, and I'm in the market for something new. 


So, I'm not necessarily just interested in board games, although I'd be open to suggestions. As always, I'm interested in games for


  • large number of players
  • accessible to younger kids (potentially including kids too young to read) but also
  • interesting to older kids, and
  • preferably games that don't take forever to play. 



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Euchre is fast (can play in twenty minutes), easy to learn but involves some strategy.Thus younger kids don't always lose but older kids aren't just babysitting. It's limited to four, but because games are short enough, people can sub in and out or you can have two tables. I actually see a lot of parallels to poker, but that's something for another thread. 


Some non-intuitive choices that work well include Scene It! (in various incarnations), Gloom is a lot of fun for different age levels, though it is the sort of game that can frustrate people (like me) who play to win rather than to have fun. Dixit is also a really good gave for five people or more because everyone plays every turn, so it isn't a lot of waiting around for your turn. 

If you like poker, liar's dice is fun, too, for groups of five or more. 


It's now out of print, but if you can find NameBurst on Ebay or someplace, its really good for families because everyone plays on their own but each round you are partnered with a different player, so even though the best player *usually* wins, there are fun permutations....and it allows for more than four. (I totally rock at NameBurst, so I'm prejudiced in that regard.) 


Edit: Was the youngest of six kids, so I understand the whole "more than four" dynamic...

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I liked Scattegories a lot as a kid (still do); however, it would be difficult for someone under ten not to be dominated by older players. 


Quiddler (essentially gin rummy where you have to form words instead of runs and 3 of a kind) is fun and definitely easier, although it still favors players with larger vocabularies.  However, that is somewhat mitigated by what cards your dealt.

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