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Tolkien & Lewis

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Link to the Tolkien Biopic thread.


There's another Tolkien movie in the works, this one focusing on his relationship with C.S. Lewis.


Hollywood Reporter



The story centers on Tolkien's relationship with his University of Oxford colleague C.S. Lewis, whom Tolkien, a devout Catholic, converted to Christianity. The formerly agnostic Lewis' newfound faith infused his most popular books, including The Chronicles of Narnia series, while Lewis in turn encouraged Tolkien to finish his The Lord of the Rings volumes, which were decades in the making. Much of the movie takes place at the beginning of World War II, when Tolkien, a veteran of World War I, is haunted by memories of his fallen friends. Meanwhile, Lewis' growing fame as an untrained theologian strains his relationship with Tolkien and his university job.


Soon, the two writers' friendship is poisoned by jealousy, paranoia and creative and religious differences. "Lewis becoming the poster boy for Christianity upset Tolkien," says Attractive principal Wernher Pramschufer. "And obsessive genius Tolkien is blocked, terrified of finishing The Fellowship of the Ring, for fear of the strange, psychotic visions which torture him.”


Did Tolkien really have visions? I don't remember hearing that about him before.


The story also mentions the movie is targeting an Easter release and will "court the faith-based audience."


Oh yeah, and the director is Simon West, best known for Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and The Expendables 2.


I think I might have buried the lede.

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There's not enough stupid in the world--we need this, too?

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