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Aphex Twin - Syro

Josh Hurst

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I don't have nearly enough experience with electronic music-- or, frankly, enough interest in electronic music-- to bring any perspective to this, except to say that I've listened to it a bit and found it to be perfectly pleasant, and in some mildly surprising ways. I don't know the Aphex Twin discography very thoroughly, but I do know the watershed Select Ambient Works collection, and this new album is much hookier and more groovewise than that set-- more upbeat and energetic, less minimalist and subdued. It also has kind of a neat way of sounding vaguely timeless; it could pass for an electronic album from 2000 or even from 1990, I think, yet that's not to say that it sounds dated, because it doesn't. And that's an accomplishment, right?

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Syro more closely resembles stuff like The Richard D. James Album and I Care Because You Do, i.e., more hookier and groovier. It's definitely a far cry from his pure ambient stuff. Syro is still growing on me, mainly because I've really immersed myself in his ambient material lately. If nothing else, it's an example of the sheer range of styles and material that James has released over the last 2-3 decades -- and yet, they all sound incredibly like him and him alone.

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