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Recommendation for creative/RPG game for 11 year-old


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I'm going to read through the entirety of the existing board game threads here, but wanted to post a separate thread to try to get a specific recommendation or two or three for games I can give my daughter Virginia for Christmas.  She's 11 and likes fantasy/sci-fi type things, like Dr. Who, Minecraft, The Hunger Games, superheroes, LOTR, mythology, etc.  


We've bought Catan and Ticket to Ride and enjoy those, but I tend to think of those as primarily strategy games, and I'd like to get something primarily creative that I can play with her.  I'd love to find a RPG, or something that's like an RPG.  If there's something out there that's better, though, I could go for that, too.  It might well just be her and I playing it for a while, so it has to work reasonably well with just two people.  She'll probably get her friend interested, so ideally it could also be played by two 11 year-olds without adult involvement.  Dice are cool, but not essential.  Any ideas?  


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I was really trying to come up with something, and the only thing I landed on was Mice & Mystics. I haven't yet played it, but this is what I know: it's a board game with RPG-ish storytelling aspects, seems to appeal to kids AND adults, and has handles one to four players. 


See what you think: http://www.plaidhatgames.com/games/mice-and-mystics

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