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Peter T Chattaway

Of Kings and Prophets

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1. I try not to judge shows based on their advertising. I'm pretty sure that's David though, especially given other images showing a similarly-oiled arm holding a sling.

2. I've never seen Game of Thrones, but aren't power plays and civil wars a major recurring theme in I & II Samuel? With David fighting the Philistines in one chapter, hiding among them in another, and then fighting them again when he becomes king, etc.? I don't see the problem here. (There was talk a while back of another David series that would play like a "mafia" story, which makes sense to me too: just look at how David tells Solomon to wipe out various members of the family once he's gone.) Of course, Of Kings & Prophets isn't the first series to promote itself as Game of Thrones-esque; A.D. The Bible Continues promoted itself as a cross between that series and House of Cards, which was a bit silly, but you can see why they did that.

3. How was David a "thug"? He lacks the spirituality of the biblical David (or even the spirituality of the David that we saw in the trailer for the original-but-cancelled first pilot episode for this series!), but he spends the episode trying to find and kill a lion. Where's the thuggishness?

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I just learned that the entire series is available for streaming via Amazon UK here -- but only if you have a British billing address:


The American Amazon only has the two episodes that aired on American TV, and the Canadian Amazon doesn't even have *that* much.

If this show were available in a physical-media format, I would ask one of my foreign friends to send me a copy so that I could watch it on a region-free player or some such thing. But as it is... sigh.

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