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Feature Film - Confessions of a Prodigal Son

Joel C

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"Confessions of a Prodigal Son", a feature film I scored, and which my brother wrote, produced, and starred in, is in the midst of a run of a number of theater showings nationwide. We've already screened in Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, and Dallas, and we have upcoming showings in the LA area, St. Louis, Wilmington NC, and potentially Boise, ID. More to come soon—hosting a showing is open to anyone who wants to, and we keep seeing more locations pop up in the list. 


If any of you are interested in attending any of the showings, you can purchase your tickets at our film landing page.


Though both my brother and I have been pursuing independent careers in the film industry in LA for a while, this is the first project we worked on together, and we were greatly surprised and delighted when it got picked up by Cinedigm, one of the biggest independent distributors out there, for a wide DVD release March 24th. Would sure love for any of you A&F'ers out there to catch a showing!


Check out the trailer here.

Listen to my tunes by visiting my website, or come say hello on Facebook and Twitter

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