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Beth Hart - Better Than Home

Stephen Lamb

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The new Beth Hart album is streaming at Billboard. I'm a couple of listens in and really liking it.


Beth Hart freely admits that she does not like change. So making her new album,Better Than Home -- which comes out April 14 and which Billboard is premiering exclusively below -- with new producers was "hard and scary," but ultimately worth the risk.


"I worked with Kevin Shirley for the last three records, and that's where I was really happy," Hart tells Billboard. But for Better Than Home, her manager David Wolff and husband/road manager Scott Guetzkow pushed for the team of Rob Mathes and Michael Stevens, who Hart had worked with when she performed at the Kennedy Center Honors for Buddy Guy. "They really talked me into doing it," Hart confesses. "If I wasn't mentally ill [she's bi-polar], I would probably have just stuck with my gut no matter what. But the upside of being mentally ill is you do get to question your gut 'cause your brain is probably in the wrong place. So I said I would give it a shot, and I was really happy with how it turned out."


It wasn't easy, Hart acknowledges. Mathes and Stevens challenged her to move away from the darker themes of her nervous albums and "write more about my joy and what I believe in and what my love is. That was really uncomfortable. It's not what I'm used to doing. I would always use music as a way to figure things out or find my way back or cure myself in some way. Certainly when I was happy or having a good time, the last thing I'd do is go to the piano and write a song." The producers persisted, and after more than 45 songs arrived at the final track stack for Better Than Home

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