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Bloodline was Netflix's "other" new Spring drama--it went up just a few weeks before Daredevil--and seemingly got lost in the shuffle, which is unfortunate, because I think it's one of the best series they've done. It's from the producers of Damages and features a great cast: Ben Mendelsohn, Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini, Sam Shapard, Sissy Spacek.(Casting Mendelsohn as Sam Shepard's son is inspired.)



The tone of Bloodline is kind of like "Parenthood meets Breaking Bad." It's about a large family of grown-up children and their parents, but instead of just dealing with domestic/interpersonal drama, it also adds a crime spiral plot on top of it.


The pace of Bloodline is really slow and deliberate, which is probably one reason the show hasn't gotten as much attention as it deserves. The initial inciting incident is Danny (Mendelsohn), the oldest brother, returning for a family celebration after being away from them for a long time, but the plot doesn't really get going until the fifth episode. The only other show I can think of that moves as slowly is Rectify. And while the details and payoffs are handled quite well, I do think the season could have been 3 episodes shorter without losing too much.

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"...the vivid crossing of borders between film and theology may save the film from the banality of cinema and festival business, and it may also save the church from the deep sleep of the habitual and the always known."

(Hans Werner Dannowski)

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