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My public writing output has deeply declined. In part due to some book contracts and teaching duties, but also in part due to an increase in fishing local lakes, rivers, etc... This is usually something I do with the kids - but also by myself occasionally. It is an alluring and time consuming art.


Anyone else here semi-avid as a fisherperson? I am open to suggestions on travel in the midwest and southeast as to your choice locations.

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"...the vivid crossing of borders between film and theology may save the film from the banality of cinema and festival business, and it may also save the church from the deep sleep of the habitual and the always known."

(Hans Werner Dannowski)

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Some of the best trout fishing in the US is in Northwest Arkansas, along the White River.  I live here (for the next two weeks), but have had no luck catching trout or bass or crappie.  But others, more patient than I, do, and its a great and beautiful place to fish at, and only 5 hours or so from St. Louis.

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