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This film, folks, is riding on a cresting wave shaped like 93% freshness.  I believe I may take Leah and Ruby to see it tonight, unless somebody wants to persuade me it would be A Bad Idea.  Or Derelict Parenting.


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Yeah, definitely not a movie to take the kids to. It is really good, though. For a long time, it's hard to pin down exactly what kind of movie The Gift is--it cycles from suspense thriller to domestic drama, with some horror elements--which is something I like, since it's harder for me to predict what's going to happen. Jason Bateman and Joel Edgerton seem to be getting most of the acting attention, and they're both quite good, but Rebecca Hall is really the lead character, and she ends up carrying significant portions of the movie. I liked Allison Tolman as the neighbor who becomes Hall's best friend, although she doesn't get all that much to do.


Once I finally knew what this movie was, I realized

Edgerton pulled off a better remake of

Oldboy than Spike Lee.

It's the side effects that save us.
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It's good.  It had me creeped out in a couple of parts more than many straight ahead horror films have.  What really made this film shine was the complexity of the two main characters, especially Batemans.  The ending managed to be completely out of my expectations yet still make sense with the rest of the film, well sort of, for me there's one little hump at the end.  


The CD's and DVD's with the handwritten notes were pretty indicting and surely would have likely helped Bateman's character get out of some of his marital troubles.  Unless I missed something the film was leaving us with the idea that he didn't want his wife to know the truth in order to protect her so he would never follow through with legal procedure.  I'm just not sure if that was a strong enough reason though and it left that whole part of the plot problematic.  The film seemed to want to leave us with the idea that Edgerton's character had played his cards cleverly enough to get away scot free, but that just isn't necessarily true. 

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