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The Modern Ocean


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Shane Carruth's next movie, The Modern Ocean, will be about shipping lanes, and it will have a much larger cast than he's worked with before: "about 30 people: 10 in an ensemble and about 20 for the supporting cast."



MOTHERBOARD: So why is this one on the ocean?

Shane Carruth: So the ocean is a place where I can set a story on a world stage. The ocean is not policed in any kind of perfect way. And a lot of things happen out there that, you know, it's sort of every man for himself or every group of men for themselves.

And it tests everything. It tests everyone's loyalty, because there is no one to run to and say "someone did something bad, I need to call the cops!" You have to deal with it right there with the means at your disposal.

So that was the number one reason, because I've got a story where I need that. I need to have my characters all making choices that are a combination or compromise between loyalty and their own motives and that gives me that playing field.

And why shipping routes instead of something else?

I am interested in shipping routes, but mainly because they given me a vessel to mirror what's going on. It becomes clear, when we have characters on a ship and they're trying to do something, it’s very much about the mission.

With a ship you're constantly having to navigate and you're constantly having to deal with questions like "what direction are we going? Why are we doing this? Why didn't we do that?"


He also says that he admired A Hijacking and Captain Phillips, but The Modern Ocean is not going to tackle the "Somali pirate angle."

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