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David Bowie - Blackstar (2016)

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If you feel it is necessary for people to discuss speculation about the long-ago sins of a beloved artist — right now, on the occasion of his death, while people are grieving, when in fact the subject could have been discussed at any point previous to this — please start another topic for it, and let's not spoil this thread's focus on a work of art.

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I keep going back to this album. Today after church I was feeling a tad melancholy (a not-uncommon experience, lately) and I put the album on my 'phone. It's just--so very good. Particularly in retrospect, knowing what Bowie was doing (basically preparing his fans, saying goodbye, etc); it's remarkable, like he managed to bring his entire career into a pear-shaped close. "I Can't Give Everything Away"--posted earlier in this thread--stands out (as do, of course, the two singles). 

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