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The US Evangelical Vote

Buckeye Jones

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Using Trump as a foil and a focus, she hit on a voice and an argument for why she should actually be president that perhaps only she could have, and that she’d struggled for so long to find on her own. That wasn’t enough, either.

Meanwhile, members of her staff harnessed all the money and support they could to out-organize, first in the primaries and then in the general, grinding out victories while her opponents had movements.

None of it was enough, though all of it should have been, and likely would have been for another candidate. She couldn’t escape being the wrong candidate for the political moment.


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4 hours ago, morgan1098 said:

I think the biggest issue in this election was Bernie. Regardless of who turned out for Trump, the turnout for Hillary was anemic, she had less women, less African Americans, etc. than Obama. Bernie had a true grassroots movement going and it was stolen from him by the machinations of the DNC. A lot of people eventually got on board with Hillary, but many did not. The wounds over the rigged nomination process were deep. I'm not saying they all voted for Trump, but they sure as hell didn't vote for Hillary. Probably 3rd party or no one.

There's plenty of blame to go around for what's about to happen. :(

1) It's ironic because the GOP primaries don't have super-delegates and with an expected Trump defeat, party officials were thinking about introducing super-delegates to the primary process to ensure Trump couldn't happen again, whereas a lot of angry Bernie voters wanted super-delegates dropped from their party's primary system.

2) Yes, Hillary lost key demographics compared to Obama. Also, a lot of Millennials voted for Gary Johnson, who gained, at least 2-3.5% in some states like Florida and Wisconsin. Not all of Johnson's supporters would have voted for Hillary, but he swung a lot of key votes away.

He finds no mercy

And he's lost in the crowd

With an armoured heart of metal

He finds he's running out of odd-numbered daisies

From which to pull the petals

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On 6/12/2016 at 7:56 PM, Buckeye Jones said:

I'm going to state it here for the record.  I think Trump wins this thing in November.  I'm shocked that I can even write it, but I think it happens.

Reading through this thread again, and I think I am still reeling that this is a reality now.

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I just finished reading "A Canticle for Leibowitz", and darned if I didn't wake up this morning thinking it is actually more likely than ever.  And I'm generally not one to get caught up in anti-Trump hysteria.  I wish I could read more facts than reactions, but social media gushes reaction (and spin).  When the entire news industry runs up a big wave of reporting that Hillary will win! until 9 pm the day of the election, I tend to consider that news orgs are susceptible to groupthink (if they are not blatantly partisan, on left or right). I try to read the original sources as much as possible (recognizing they're just as likely to be "spin").    Oh well.

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