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Freelance Composer/Musician


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Hello everyone! I'm a freelance composer as well as a musician (I play the flute, but I'm about two years out of practice... I'm picking it up again and am veeeeery rusty)


I like to compose for games and businesses, and I've had a couple clients in the indie game industry! Some of my favorite composers are Koji Kondo (Sper Mario series, Legend of Zelda series) and Jun Ishikawa (Kirby series and more) and they've had a huge impact in my life.  Since I was a little boy, Ive been able to "hear" music in my head while dreaming or daydreaming of my fantastical lands and things. The best part about being a creative person is that you truly never outgrow your imagination. If you nurture it, it grows with you.


Here is my soundcloud page and I'll post a couple examples.

Composed for a friend for her birthday, looping and to be inserted into a game project perhaps...


The main theme for an indie RPG project that was recently put on hold..




My favorite piece, something for a project I'm working on, a video game.





One more piece. This is a relaxing and soothing track to an ambiant, ASMR-type game I'm working on.





This is just a small example of what I can do.  Every track I compose I consider a gift from God. :)  (Is it too much to say that I'm open for commissions?)

This is my music. Please enjoy! :D



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Very cool DLSea.  Thanks for this.



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