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Werner Herzog Masterclass


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I was wondering about this myself. He used to do a small class called, I think, the Rogue Fllm School, and I was interested in that a few years ago. But Herzog is incredible, especially in his deep desire to explore truth in his work. So, I think studying him and his technique is a good idea, as a Christian filmmaker.

I was wondering though if this is just a short seminar, how useful it would really be, since he has spoken about his work at festivals numerous times, and he tends to simply reiterate much of his technique over and over. He will probably do the same here, since the cost is fairly small. But this is just my guess.

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Just a note that TCM will be playing lots of Herzog titles this coming Thursday night:

8pm ET: Fitzcarraldo

10:45pm: Stroszek

1:00 AM: Aguirre, the Wrath of God

2:45 AM: Cobra Verde

4:45 AM: Burden of Dreams (documentary on the making of Fitzarraldo)

6:30 AM: Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (short).



Nick Alexander

Keynote, Worship Leader, Comedian, Parodyist

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