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Untitled Wong Kar Wai web series

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The Hollywood Reporter:



The 57-year-old filmmaker, renowned for his artful kung fu flicks (The Grandmaster) and moody dramas (In the Mood for Love), has signed a deal with Huanxi Media Group to produce and co-direct an 18-episode original drama series for digital distribution in China and around the world.

Huanxi has agreed to spend $3.10 million-$3.85 million (20 million-25 million RMB) per episode, a lavish production budget by Chinese internet drama standards. The show will have two seasons — one with 12 episodes, the other with six — with the first season expected to complete production in 2017. Casting and story details were not disclosed.

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 ...And I think that's all our WKW-centric threads, though I'm certain he comes up elsewhere.

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Buried in an article about Amazon's shift in priorities regarding their original shows is this:

In an interview on Friday, Price told Variety that there is a new focus on finding “big shows that can make the biggest difference around the world” in growing Amazon Video’s reach and Amazon Prime subscribers. “Tong Wars,” the drama penned by Paul Attanasio and directed by Wong, is a prime example of a period piece that blends the epic history of Chinese immigration to the U.S. with a crime potboiler. “It’s a very compelling show,” he said.

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