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Florence Foster Jenkins

Evan C

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We really don't have a thread for this?

I saw it tonight, and my first thoughts are:

Streep will unquestionably get an Oscar nomination for this, and at the rate this year is going, I might say she should win it for her vocal acrobatics alone. I have no idea how she sang so terribly so well - actually hitting some of the correct pitches, selectively missing others, while producing a consistently, appallingly ugly sound. And there's one scene when Florence dreams that she's singing perfectly, and Streep shows what a gorgeous soprano she developed for the film, which really came as a surprise to me, considering her phenomenal turn as the Witch in Into the Woods, a role which is a low alto.

Who was it who said, "a great movie is three great scenes and no bad ones?" That basically describes this.

I'm not sure yet how well the film handles the whole concept of good performances/honest appraisals/purpose of art/does art need to be good or just passionate and heartfelt. My first instinct is to say it raises the questions without taking a side beyond clearly saying that spiteful, belittling reviews are cruel and unappreciative of the emotional value of a bad performance, even if such reviews are honest.



"Anyway, in general I love tragic artists, especially classical ones."

"Even the forms for expressing truth can be multiform, and this is indeed necessary for the transmission of the Gospel in its timeless meaning."

- Pope Francis, August 2013 interview with Antonio Spadaro

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I'd be inclined to write a film like this off, except Stephen Frears. The guy is really good.

"A director must live with the fact that his work will be called to judgment by someone who has never seen a film of Murnau's." - François Truffaut


Reviews and essays at Three Brothers Film.

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