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Welcome to Hitchcock

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Universal Cable Productions Developing Alfred Hitchcock Anthology Series

“Welcome to Hitchcock” will follow Hitchcock’s unique brand of storytelling that resulted in films such as “The Birds,” “Psycho” and the series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” In the spirit of the classic Hitchcock style and legacy, the anthology will focus on a single season-long mystery or crime. Plans are in place for all potential future seasons to be produced in step with Hitchcock Estate.

As I said on FB, this is actually the opposite of the Hitchcock style and legacy, at least when it comes to television; the modern "anthology" format is the end-point of a trend toward serialization, whereas Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a "pure" anthology series.

I'm also vague about how the Hitchcock brand "fits" here--are they contemplating re-imagining his movies as seasons or are they going to go the Fargo route and set each season in the same "universe" featuring callbacks and so on?

Links (probably not exhaustive):



North by Northwest

The Man Who Knew Too Much




Links to our firstsecond and third threads on Psycho (1960).

Favourite Hitchcocks



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