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I Am Not Madame Bovary

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This looks like it might be worth checking out, though I can't say I've ever seen a Feng Xiaogang movie. This one is a Golden Horse nominee, and I think it was at TIFF this year. Did anyone on-board get a chance to see it?


TIFF page

Variety review:

Long, relatively low-key but always engaging, “I Am Not Madame Bovary” wears its expansive scale lightly. While Feng’s decision to stick with odd image formatting almost throughout – -circular “tunnelvision” for the provincial scenes, a scroll-like vertical rectangle for Beijing ones — is somewhat off-putting, it does heighten the tale’s fable-like nature, not to mention the painterly qualities of Luo Pan’s handsome compositions. (The scroll and the circle are, of course, traditional Chinese painting formats.) Further adding to the droll overall package’s distinctive tenor is a colorfully diverse slate of locations, as well as a score by Du Wei that starts out with thundering taiko-style drums, then runs a wide gamut of additional musical influences.


 Starring an unrecognizable Fan Bingbing in the most glammed-down role in her career, the tale of a village woman obsessed with taking her unfaithful husband to court will probably disappoint many of the actress’s fans. However, her relentless chutzpah as a single woman makes her a heroine easy to relate to. Though it doesn't look like a blockbuster, the film’s staunch criticism of bureaucracy and its dire effects on ordinary people will give it social clout when it bows in China at the end of the month, and its fetching production design and witty comic dialogue could attract scattered art house following in the West.

IMDB page.

Link to our thread on Madame Bovary.


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