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Seeking short film recommendations

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You who watch short films: I want to begin my research-paper course for art students by showing a short film that asks viewers to see the world through the eyes of someone quite unlike themselves.

That's the main motif of the feature-length film-viewing for this class: Movies that make us consider how the world looks to those who are unlike us. I'm toying with possible showings of Timbuktu, either A Separation or The Past, Taxi, possibly MunyurangaboChildren of Heaven, and others that take us around the globe. (I'm open to feature-length suggestions, but it'll be a short list that I ask students to watch, because it's a writing class first and a film class second.) I wish I could show Tangerine, but no... that wouldn't fly.

Anyway, for the short, I'm thinking of showing "Loin du 16e," the chapter from Paris, Je T'aime in which the young mother of an infant travels across town to work as a nanny for rich white folks. But I'm wondering if you can think of any other shorts that would fit the bill. Do you know any great short films that show us the world through the eyes of someone who is part of a neglected, oppressed, or overlooked community?

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Artavazd Peleshian has a few that I think would fit the bill quite nicely, particularly The Four Seasons. Here's a decent looking copy of it on YouTube, not sure where you might obtain a better version though, his stuff is kind of hard to find. Also not sure if it's being devoid of dialogue and color may disqualify it from what your looking for, but I think it's a wonderfully great movie.



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