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Mark R.Y.

Moments Out of Time - 2016 edition

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Every year Richard T. Jameson and Kathleen Murphy publish a list of memorable little moments from the year's movies. Their latest has just been made available. I'll add on a few of my favorite little moments:

Cemetery of Splendour: The apparition of the princesses.
Silence: The Inquisitor deflates right before our eyes. 
Hail, Caesar!: Cutest couple of the year - Carlotta and Hobie.
La La Land: A pier at twilight - "City of Stars."
The BFG: The corgis' wild ride.

What little bits, moods, moments, lines of dialogue, and so forth were memorable for you from any of 2016's films?

Edited by Mark R.Y.

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Haven’t seen many films from 2016, but…


The Innocents – a photo shoot of a community transformed

The Fits - the first dance scene on the overpass, awakening to something

The Fits – the final scenes, "must we choose to be slaves to gravity?"                                          

Gleason – the voiceless man pierces to the heart as he interviews Eddie Vedder…leading the singer to voice something deep inside

Gleason - 2 beds in a wide room, camera not looking away from the physical and emotional separation between an ALS sufferer and his wife

Embrace of the Serpent – classical music in the jungle

Hidden Figures – doorway is destroyed to accommodate the huge computer, then Dorothy getting it to work

Hidden Figures - Kevin Costner passionately knocks down a bathroom sign

Love and Friendship – the character intros, a playful playbill onscreen

Almost Holy – every scene of rescue

Edited by Brian D

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