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Arts & Faith Top 25 Films on "Waking Up" Discussion Thread

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I didn't vote. Not because I was misled, but because I just haven't had the time and energy to pour into this list, either nominating or discussing films. I had resigned myself to missing this round, but it sounds like a number of folks didn't get a chance to vote.

"A director must live with the fact that his work will be called to judgment by someone who has never seen a film of Murnau's." - François Truffaut


Reviews and essays at Three Brothers Film.

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This lecture/sermon interacts beautifully with our current top 25 "waking up" theme. *

For me, it comes thrillingly close to the sweet spot where arts and faith overlap.  It posits the imagination as a key element in keeping us awake to spiritual realities.  I almost had to catch my breath as I found myself contemplating the heart of why I, as a Christian, find art to be so central to my journey of faith.

One of my favorite quotes:

“For Plato, the world is full of shadows, appearances, and only reason apprehends the eternal forms.  But for [C.S.] Lewis the world is filled with bright shadows, and it’s the imagination that perceives the brightness, this holy otherness, in the shadow.”


http://www.desiringgod.org/messages/in-bright-shadow-c-s-lewis-on-the-imagination-for-theology-and-discipleship - Kevin Vanhoozer


*C.S. Lewis and Christ are 2 of its central subjects, which lends it the qualities of both lecture and sermon.

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On 10/15/2017 at 2:12 PM, Anodos said:

Having broken my arm badly and been unable to type for three months I've been absent from this forum

Yikes. Sorry to hear that.

On 10/15/2017 at 2:12 PM, Anodos said:

Have we given up on this?

I hope not!  I still would really like to see the results, and see this list published like previous A&F Top 25s. We heard that things were busy at IMAGE, but it's been 4 months since voting initially ended, and the initial estimate for turnaround was that it would take less than a week. (I do remember it was reopened so a few more people could vote.)

Who could be contacted? Does anyone know who has the actual voting results? Paul???

Could someone volunteer to get a hold of the voting data and the formula used to calculate the results and just do it that way?

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The results are up! Request write-ups over there


"Anyway, in general I love tragic artists, especially classical ones."

"Even the forms for expressing truth can be multiform, and this is indeed necessary for the transmission of the Gospel in its timeless meaning."

- Pope Francis, August 2013 interview with Antonio Spadaro

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  1. Ikiru (Kurosawa, 1952)
  2. Something, Anything (Harrill, 2014)
  3. The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski, 1991)
  4. Spirited Away (Miyazaki, 2001)
  5. Red Beard (Kurosawa, 1965)
  6. The Assassin (Hou, 2015)
  7. The Trial (Welles, 1962)
  8. The Secret of Kells (Moore and Twomey, 2009)
  9. Wings of Desire (Wenders, 1987)
  10. The Insider (Mann, 1999)
  11. Joe Versus the Volcano (Shanley, 1990)
  12. Arrival (Villeneuve, 2016)
  13. Marty (Delbert Mann, 1955)
  14. Malcolm X (Lee, 1992)
  15. Cleo from 5 to 7 (Varda, 1962)
  16. Picnic at Hanging Rock (Weir, 1975)
  17. This Is Martin Bonner (Hartigan, 2013)
  18. The Truman Show (Weir, 1998)
  19. The New World (Malick, 2005)
  20. Fearless (Weir, 1993)
  21. Punch-Drunk Love (Anderson, 2002)
  22. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Spielberg, 1977)
  23. Pan's Labyrinth (Del Toro, 2006)
  24. Knight of Cups (Malick, 2015)
  25. The Tree of Life (Malick, 2011)

It's an interesting list, and is probably the first list we've had that has skewed so heavily to films released within the last 20 years. I believe it's the first A&F Top 25 list that hasn't had any films from the 40's or 30's.

Decade Breakdown

1950's - 2

1960's - 3

1970's -  2

1980's - 1

1990's - 6

2000's - 5

2010's - 6

Formerly Baal_T'shuvah

"Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can't let the world judge you too much." - Maude 
Harold and Maude

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