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Laura Marling - Semper Femina


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I've heard on and off about Laura Marling for the past few years, but I'd never bothered to actually stop and listen until this month. She absolutely blows me away - I'm just in love with how intelligent and honest her craft is, and how utterly uninterested in compromise for commercial gain.

Anyway, Semper Femina is her new album, and I'm surprised no-one's posted on it, as I see from a quick search that she has a few devotees on this forum. I'd be interested to hear thoughts from anyone who's followed her career - I'm pretty much listening through all her albums back-to-back, which sometimes gives less perspective in terms of an artist's development. Have to say, though, that I think it's very good - I think confident is the word that best describes it; it's not as dark or soul-searching as some of the others - one of the lyrics that struck me most in the album is 'lately I wonder if all my pondering's taken up too much ground'. To me it feels like a clean, reflective album - there's something attractively healthy about it.

Any thoughts? I know I'll be revisiting this album - and artist - a great deal this year.

The most immediately catchy song, Always This Way:


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