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Peter T Chattaway

The Devil and Father Amorth

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Links to our threads on the big-screen versions of The Exorcist (1973), Exorcist: The Beginning (2004) -- the latter of which includes discussion of all five of the Exorcist movies, including sequels and prequels, as well as the novel -- as well as the TV version of The Exorcist (2016-present) and The Exorcism Diaries (in development).

Link to our thread on the stage version of The Exorcist (2012).

Link to our thread on 'Harry Potter...condemned?' (2004-2010), where Fr Amorth was a major player. (Possibly relevant: The Exorcist and the Harry Potter movies were both produced by Warner Brothers.)

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The Devil and Father Amorth: Witnessing “the Vatican Exorcist” at Work
When he made his 1973 classic, The Exorcist, William Friedkin had never seen an exorcism. For decades he wondered how close he had come to reality. So, last May, he followed “the Dean of Exorcists” as he fought to expel Satan from an Italian woman.
William Friedkin, Vanity Fair, October 31, 2016

William Friedkin’s Doc on Real-Life Exorcism Acquired by LD Entertainment
It’s been over 43 years since “The Exorcist” first frightened theatergoers and Oscar voters alike, yet director William Friedkin is still taken by the subject. So much so, that he’s filmed a documentary about a real-life exorcism, entitled “The Devil and Father Amorth.”
LD Entertainment announced Friday that it has acquired worldwide rights to the doc.
The feature follows Father Gabriele Amorth as he performs his ninth exorcism on a woman from Italy whose behavioral changes cannot be helped by psychiatry. Friedkin’s project will also compare 2017’s modern exorcism techniques to those illustrated in the 1973 original film. . . .
Variety, May 12

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