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Peter T Chattaway

Jenji Kohan's teenaged Jesus series

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Links to our threads on similar young-Jesus productions The Young Messiah (2016), Nazareth (in development), The One (in development) and The Lost Years (apparently no longer in development).

Link to our thread on King of Kings (1961), which has sometimes been called 'I Was a Teenage Jesus'.

As I mentioned in a blog post yesterday, Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan recently mentioned that she is developing a "teen Jesus" series, which she compared to The Wonder Years. It comes up at the beginning of this video:

I don't know if her series is going to feature voice-over narration by the *adult* Jesus, the way The Wonder Years did, but I kind of hope it does, because it would plug into my own long-term interest in how films and TV shows have explored the *subjectivity* of Jesus. I wrote a whole essay on the increasing use of point-of-view shots in Jesus films some 13 years ago, and last year I was intrigued by the way Last Days in the Desert depicted Jesus not only as a person that the audience could identify with, but as someone who identified with one of the other characters in that movie (i.e. the son played by Tye Sheridan). I think it could be really interesting to see a depiction of Jesus' youth that was narrated by the adult Jesus -- i.e. by a Jesus who had gained some *perspective* on his younger years, when he was still "growing in wisdom and stature" (Luke 2:52).

I don't necessarily believe that the folks behind Orange Is the New Black are the best people to be handling this subject matter, mind. But I'm totally willing to give it a shot. I'm definitely open to the *concept*.

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