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M. Leary

Princess Cyd

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For those following Stephen Cone's work, I noticed BAM is playing his latest film, Princess Cyd. Seems to veer a bit from the Evangelical setting of the last two, but perhaps not?

From this Salon interview:


[Laughs.] That’s funny. They never come from stories. It tends to be a flash — like bodies in a space or place — a spiritual dynamic that feels evocative. I get a mood or a vibe. So this film was about a spiritually minded middle-aged woman and an earthy teen sharing four walls.



It comes from my interest in bodies, which is linked to my own upbringing [by a father who was a pastor]. When did I learn what purpose a body should serve, and how did I figure it out? My films may be about youth, but they are always placed in the context of middle-aged people.

This film opened a window for me. I saw an opportunity to do something positive and sexual, with liberal and progressive characters — forward-thinking people. It was a shift in my work from conservative Christian characters to more progressive characters. I do regret Miranda is not more articulate in her faith. I should have had a scene of her praying.



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