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Peter T Chattaway

Unbroken: Path to Redemption

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Link to our thread on Unbroken (2014).

Links to our threads on Billy: The Early Years (2008), God's Not Dead (2014), God's Not Dead 2 (2016) and Billy Graham's World Wide Pictures.

There once was a time when Billy Graham's movie studio would have made a movie about someone who had converted to Christianity at a Billy Graham crusade (they did it with Wiretapper and No Longer Alone, possibly others?). Billy Graham's studio even made a critically-acclaimed (and Golden Globe-nominated!) World War II movie (i.e. The Hiding Place). But now I guess the God's Not Dead crew are the ones who make these films.

I'd have gotten a kick out of it if they had gotten Armie Hammer to reprise his role as Billy Graham (from Billy: The Early Years), but oh well. Franklin Graham did not approve of that film, and now his son is playing Billy in this film (just as Tim LaHaye's grandson played the Antichrist in the most recent Left Behind movie...?).

- - -

Louis Zamperini’s ‘Unbroken’ Story Continues In Sequel ‘Path To Redemption’
A sequel of Unbroken is on the way from the film’s original producer Matt Baer and God’s Not Dead franchise director Harold Cronk which looks at the life of hero Louis Zamperini post WWII. The faith-based film — to be distributed by Pure Flix — is based on the second half of the book from author Laura Hillenbrand. The film is entitled Unbroken: Path to Redemption.
The film will pick up where the first left off and follows Zamperini’s life after the war and his struggle to get back on his feet after suffering PTSD, falling into despair and alcoholism. The young soldier would be put back on the right path by the Rev. Billy Graham (now 97). Samuel Hunt (Chicago P.D.) will portray Zamperini while Merritt Patterson (The Royals) will play his wife Cynthia. Graham’s grandson, Will, will portray his namesake in the movie in his first feature role.
The film, which started shooting today, continues with the love story between Louis and Cynthia and delves into how PTSD impacted their relationship and what it took for Louis to get back on his feet. The Unbroken IP, which is now a known brand to audiences since the 2014 movie was released by Universal, now organically crosses into the faith-based genre. “I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to tell the amazing post-war story of Louis Zamperini’s life that I am confident is going to appeal to both the secular and faith-based audience,” said Baer.
Unbroken: Path to Redemption was written by Richard Friedenberg (A River Runs Through it) and Kenneth Hixon (City by the Sea). It is being produced by The WTA Group in partnership with Universal 1440 Entertainment. Michael Elliott also serves as producer. The film’s executive producers are Dave Mechem, Luke Zamperini, Cynthia Garris, Erik Weir and Pure Flix founding partner Michael Scott. . . .
Deadline.com, September 5

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