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Peter T Chattaway

Paul, Apostle of Christ

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Link to our thread on Hugh Jackman's Apostle Paul project, which I haven't heard much about lately.

Jim Caviezel is playing Luke in a new film about Paul, which is currently being shot on Malta with a 2018 release in mind. The film also co-stars Bible-movie veterans James Faulkner as Paul (his credits include Peter and Paul and the 2010 version of Ben-Hur; he also played Herod Agrippa in I, Claudius), Joanne Whalley as Priscilla (her credits include A.D. The Bible Continues and The Ark) and John Lynch as Aquila (his credits include The Passion, The Nativity and Killing Jesus).

From the director of Full of Grace, which was set near the end of the Virgin Mary's life, Paul, Apostle of Christ is similarly set during Paul's twilight years (in prison, in his case).

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Thoughts on this film and the idea that, just maybe, I might actually find my way to liking something that comes under the frightening heading of "Affirm Films"...

Full review at https://letterboxd.com/brian_d/film/paul-apostle-of-christ/


"I confess.  I confess that I’m inclined to dislike and discredit any modern film that comes billed under the label “Affirm Films.”  In other words, I’m inclined to start looking for all that is wrong with a film that is aimed directly at a Christian audience.  I will start looking for the dead ends as soon as the opening credits are rolling.


This is a bit funny, of course, because I myself am a Christian.  I don’t approach the Bible or the average teacher of the Bible with a readiness to disbelieve or distrust.  I don’t come to these with the expectation that they will be wrong or that they are likely to be worthy of harsh criticism. 


Modern Christian film, on the other hand, often seems to me an industry producing low-quality goods with high-faith labels.  The label, then, legitimizes the poor product.  I think this assessment is not too far from the truth.   However, I hadn’t given much thought to the prejudice that I automatically bring to a modern Christian film…the expectation and assumption that it will be terrible even before I have really seen it.  I don’t think I bring such a prejudice to the latest big Hollywood action blockbuster, however.   I don’t bring that prejudice with me even though modern Hollywood studios have left a body of work that on the whole would be just as worthy of skepticism as modern Christian cinema..."

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FWIW, I never thought of this as an "evangelical" film because I was already familiar with the filmmakers and their Catholicism through their previous film, Full of Grace.

Also, wow, I can't believe I didn't link to any of my coverage of this film in this thread. Here's the tag for the film at my blog:


And, just to cite one of my posts, here's my interview with the film's star, James Faulkner (who previously played one of Paul's Jewish-Christian opponents in 1981's Peter and Paul):


Okay, one more post: Here is my somewhat exhaustive scene guide to the film, noting all the scriptural references and source materials (canonical and apocryphal):


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