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Peter T Chattaway

Oscars 2018: Best Live-Action Short

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The 10-movie shortlist:

  • “DeKalb Elementary,” Reed Van Dyk, director (UCLA)
  • “The Eleven O’Clock,” Derin Seale, director (FINCH)
  • “Facing Mecca,” Jan-Eric Mack, director, and Joël Jent, producer (Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion)
  • “Icebox,” Daniel Sawka, director, and Camille Cornuel, producer (Iceboxthefilmco)
  • “Lost Face,” Sean Meehan, director, and Sam McGarry, producer (Soma Films)
  • “My Nephew Emmett,” Kevin Wilson, Jr., director (New York University)
  • “Rise of a Star,” James Bort, director, and Boris Mendza, producer (Fulldawa Films)
  • “The Silent Child,” Chris Overton, director, and Rachel Shenton, writer (Slick Films)
  • “Watu Wote/All of Us,” Katja Benrath, director (Hamburg Media School)
  • “Witnesses,” David Koch, director (Lux for Film, Diez Films and Paradoxal)

The final five will be announced, along with all the other Oscar nominees, on January 23.

Icebox can apparently be watched in its entirety here.

Trailers or clips for most of the other films are below:

I couldn't find trailers or clips for The Eleven O'Clock.

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And the nominees are...

  • DeKalb Elementary
  • The Eleven O'Clock
  • My Nephew Emmett
  • The Silent Child
  • Watu Wote / All of Us

Clips or trailers for all but one of those films are above.

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