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Living Biblically

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This show premieres on CBS tomorrow. I got a chance to look at the Pilot ahead of time. 

I'm aware of the fact that pilots are usually shaky because they have to establish the premise and all the characters in 24 minutes. It wasn't offensive (to me), but I can't honestly say it was particularly funny, either. The priest laughs at main character when he says he wants to live "literally" according to the Bible, saying he only wants people to do so in general. The pilot episodes kinda sorta deals with whether adulterers should be stoned and whether it's okay to wear synthetic blend clothing. I suspect a big staple will be the adherence to stuff most people think as trivial. Whether it ever gets around to tackling the things that might actually impact someone...who knows.

The main character is prompted on his mission by the announcement that his wife is expecting and that comes on the heels of a best friend dying. His sort of blind adherence to rules he doesn't understand is, I think, the antithesis of American Christianity post-Enlightenment, but I get the feeling like this is going to be a sticom version of Joan of Arcadia...hey, strange how often things work out when you are obedient, huh.


The actors are appealing enough and it's interesting to see religion on TV...so I guess I'll give it a few more episodes.

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I wondered if anyone else would take a look at this. I recorded & watched the pilot, and generally agree with Ken's assessment. I did wonder why the show makes the protagonist a lapsed Catholic, when it is obviously based on A.J. Jacobs' blog->book The Year of Living Biblically, which even includes a version of one of the jokes used in the pilot, "I'm Jewish in the same way the Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant." Can TV only handle one Jewish family (The Goldbergs--who seem quite stereotyped, as far as I can tell, but my only other regularly watched sitcom right now is The Good Place). Including an amateur rabbi character is a nod to Jacobs, I guess.

Some interesting features on Jacobs' website suggest the show might get to some good points, eventually. The laughtrack is overbearing, but I'll see where the show goes.

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