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I went in expecting to love this movie, but I actually kind of hate it. If it were trashier it would probably be more interesting; as it is, you could pop in any one of James Wan's overbaked melodramatic horror movies and find lots of stuff that's more interesting, more thematically acute, and more visually arresting than the thin gruel this flick offers. I'm particularly angered by the fact that

after two seemingly eternal hours of watching a mother deteriorate in grief and other stuff, the whole thing turns out to be about the boy after all!

So that's a nope for me.

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I watched this finally, as it's now streaming in the UK. I had such a surprising negative reaction to it, finding it to be far too literal and obvious in aping horror classics--it's basically nu-Polanski--while also logically inconsistent or incoherent. I'm okay with the inexplicable; I'm less okay with acts/actions that make little sense within the given film-world. Like, who keeps the candles lit? So many candles....

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