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Peter T Chattaway

Help me pitch a book! Help me make a list!

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Hi all, I'm in the middle of pitching a book on Bible films to a potential publisher, and they want to know what sort of colleges and universities would use such a book in their courses. Can anyone help?

The idea behind the book is to use certain iconic Bible movies as windows into larger aspects of film history (I've already written a sample chapter on The Prince of Egypt, as a window into the history of animation in general and specifically that crucial decade of the 1990s, when the Disney renaissance prompted other studios to ramp up their own animation divisions *and* technological changes revolutionized the animation industry as a whole; other chapters could look at e.g. The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur as the pinnacle of 1950s blockbuster filmmaking, The Green Pastures as an example of films aimed at minority audiences in the 1930s, Judith of Bethuliah as an early example of D.W. Griffith's feature filmmaking and also as a window into the prominent role that female screenwriters and audiences played in the silent era, plus it's one of the comparatively rare Bible films that is based on the Apocrypha, etc., etc.).

So, what sort of places offer courses on the Bible and film, or Christianity and culture with a focus on film (or Judaism and culture with a focus on film!), etc., etc.?

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