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Letter from Masanjia (2018)

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The publicists are trying to get some traction for this film which has a DVD launch in December. 

I am totally swamped at work and with web transfer and book project, but I think they might agree to a screener link to an A&F member who was willing to post comments here. 

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Hi everyone! I'm Brett, I'm on the team that made and is publicizing Letter from Masanjia. So glad to be part of Arts&Faith. What an amazing platform.

Letter from Masanjia follows an Oregon mom as she uncovers a true story of products made with slave labor in China by the persecuted faithful for export to the US. It highlights the persecution of spiritual believers in China and the gruesome sources of some products sold in the USA.
Letter from Masanjia is now on iTunes to pre-order and will launch on various platforms and DVD/Blu-ray through Gravitas Ventures on Dec 4th -- just in time for Human Rights Day. This film is for anyone who wants to know more about the how, why, and what’s going on for nearly 2 million Muslims inside all the prison walls in Xinjiang right now. 
Imagine opening a “Made in China” product from Kmart and an SOS note falls out written by a Chinese prisoner of conscience. That’s exactly what happened in 2012 to mother-of-two Julie Keith in Damascus, Oregon. Her brave next steps made headlines worldwide and pushed China to officially shut down its labor camps for good. But that was just the beginning. Letter From Masanjia takes us deep into the horrific reality for Chinese dissidents through the eyes of Sun Yi, author of the SOS note. In heartstopping handheld footage, he returns to Masanjia — China’s cruelest labor camp — and is determined to expose the torture he endured there and the grave persecution that is still ongoing.

Press Highlights:

"A potent documentary... It’s an important story, made more intense by its tight focus…" - The New York Times

Amazing film… A powerful tale of human suffering, compassion and perseverance.”- The LA Times

An astonishing sequence of events” - BBC World Service, Outlook

Now, for the first time, the full story is being told” - The Globe & Mail

More about the film:

Filmmaker Leon Lee is no longer welcome in his native country due to his previous films about human rights abuses in China. So, in Letter from Masanjia, he teaches Sun Yi via Skype to secretly film details of his story and capture his tense, minute-by-minute run from the Chinese authorities, and then smuggle the footage into North America on encrypted hard drives. Meanwhile, just outside Portland, Julie Keith is struggling with her own dilemmas as a mother newly embroiled in this cause. Together, these unlikely heroes expose communist China’s ongoing persecution against millions whose ideology differs from the Chinese government.

Contact Brett Price: brett.price@flyingcloud.ca

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