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Film Club November 2018: Night of the Hunter

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I watched the Criterion disc this morning so that I could listen to the commentary from Terry Sanders, F.X. Feeney, Robert Gitt, and Neal Jones. In general, I like commentaries with fewer speakers because I think they can be a little more carefully constructed. This commentary wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite. Interesting snippets that caught my attention included:

  • Laughton's use of Sound Bridging,
  • Pointing out that Harry kills Willa with his "L-O-V-E" hand. 
  • Pointing out that Harry is not allowed to say  or reference "Jesus." (Rachel's use of his name in the counter-point of the hymn is interesting to me in that regard. 

There is an assertion early in the commentary that the film is about "duality." And certainly Harry's introduction with the wrestling hands is an easy reference. But is Harry as a whole conflicted? Is he meant to show the internal conflict between good and evil? Or is he just evil that is contrasted with Rachel's goodness? Perhaps Harry's wrestling hands is a performance for the audience. The commentators do cite an early scene in which Harry watches a showgirl and clenches his fist, putting it into his pocket. I guess this could convey struggle of some sort. But I've mostly only ever seen Harry as an allegorical figure, a monster pursuing the kids. If he had the LOVE-HATE struggle, he lost it long ago...or am I missing something?

Edit: I don't suppose anyone has seen the Richard Chamberlain television remake?

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