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Joel (Mayward) and Andrew (Spitznas) have agreed to serve as moderators. SDG (Steven) has agreed, for the time being, to remain as moderator from a previous administration. Thanks, guys.

As a reminder, a moderator:

1) Can move, pin, edit, lock, merge, or delete threads.

2) Appears in the "Staff" director (upper left corner of board) with a direct link to his/her private message. 

A moderator cannot:

1) Ban users, change usernames, settings or passwords.

2) Change board settings. 

As I mentioned elsewhere (Board Rules -- Under Construction) traffic is light right now, so there aren't any pressing conflicts that need to be adjudicated. But I wanted to get some people in place so that I wasn't having to make decisions on the fly if/when a need arose. 

FWIW, my goal in looking for/asking these people was/is to have people:

1) With a diversity of social, political, religious views. Although the Politics forum is archived, my sense is that there are still fault lines both among old members and prospective new members. Perhaps it is the case that those conflicts have been exacerbated in the past by moderators, as a block, being on one side of those divides. Certainly, it can't hurt to have people who are more attuned to the language, arguments, assumptions, sleights of different sectors of the population. My thought is that people who might not be comfortable approaching one moderator would have more affinity to and ability to reach out to one of the others.

2) Who have been around a while. 

3) Who have demonstrated the ability to interact with a range of different people. 

4) Who I believe strive to be fair -- though none of us is perfect.

5) Who know me well enough and have interacted with me enough to tell me what they think, even if (perhaps especially if) they think I am in the wrong.

I've also mentioned elsewhere that my vision for the board is less "rules" and more "guidelines" or "principles." One thing that drives me nuts in all phases of life is/are managers who don't truly delegate. So having said I trust these people, I want to, as far as possible, empower them to make meaningful decisions (and not be looking over their shoulder at me).

A&F has often struggled with the charge of being unfriendly or unwelcoming to women. Yes, I am aware that there are no female moderators or admins. Yes, I am aware that that's bad optics. Joel has done a good job in the past two years as Ecumenical Jury foreperson of trying to include a diversity of voters. Those sort of changes don't generally happen overnight, but I'm hoping that his passion for diversity is a leaven that gradually influences this board more so than might some symbolic appointments. 

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