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Peter T Chattaway

Oscars 2019: Best Documentary Short

Which film WILL win the Oscar?  

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The shortlist:

  • “Black Sheep”
  • “End Game”
  • “Lifeboat”
  • “Los Comandos”
  • “My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes”
  • “A Night at the Garden”
  • “Period. End of Sentence.”
  • “’63 Boycott”
  • “Women of the Gulag”
  • “Zion”

I'll try to rustle up some trailers -- and perhaps any complete (legit) online versions of these films that might exist -- when I have a moment.

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Some of these films can be watched in their entirety online.

Los Comandos is available on PBS websites like this one and this one, but only in certain regions (I cannot watch it myself).

A few other films are more broadly available (note: I haven't watched them yet, so I can't vouch for their content):

Two of the films are Netflix releases. Here are trailers for those two:

And here are trailers and clips for the other films, which don't seem to be online yet:

Finally, I could not find a trailer or clip from Women of the Gulag, but the film appears to have an Indiegogo page here.

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Oh, awesome. I had already seen three of the Oscar-nominated shorts online -- two of them are embedded above, and one of them has been on Netflix for a while -- but I just found out that the *other* two nominees are either online now or will be very, very soon.

Lifeboat is on YouTube via The New Yorker's channel there:

And it was announced just two days ago that Period. End of Sentence. will launch on Netflix this coming Tuesday, February 12; here's a trailer:


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