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Board Costs

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I mentioned after buying Arts & Faith that I wanted to get a sense of what the costs were before making a budget, accepting donations, or pursuing funding plans. 

My current sense is that the annual costs will be between $350-$400. I recently renewed the web hosting, which was $300 for one year. The Invision software license is currently $25 for six months. I'm not sure how frequently I will have to renew domain registration, but that's usually about $15-20 per year.

I had some money set up for start-up costs/transitions, and purchase, so we are paid through 2019 (with the exception that Invision license will need to be renewed in July). I'm not looking for revenue now, but I do want the community to have a basic awareness of what the costs are so that if we grow or revive it won't come as a shock if we ever need money for financing. 

Let me know if there are questions or comments.

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