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The Land of Steady Habits

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This was one of those screeners that I didn't quite get around to in December, but I'm very glad I finally watched it.  Not that it would've made my end of year list, but it's still highly worthy of viewing and contemplation.  And it fits much of our discussion elsewhere of late, in considering how to succeed or fail in growing into life's later stages.  Holofcener's screenplay is laugh out loud funny in a couple of places, but moreso it feeds the mind with consideration of parenting adult children, intimacy vs alienation, the acquisition of stuff, and the non-places that populate our inner and external spaces.

Here's my review, where I compare and contrast it with the far inferior yet more hyped The Wifehttps://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2019/01/now-is-the-winter-of-our-domestic-discontent-a-double-feature/

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