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Running from Crazy (2013)

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Over in the Top 25 thread for "Growing Older" I nominated Running from Crazy but have not yet been able to drum up a second. So I figured I would at least give the film its own thread and post a link to my Top 10 write up from 2013. 


My esteem for Barbara Kopple's work is high. I particularly like the way she eschews more sensationalistic zooms or close ups during painful moments to give the film a more discreet tone. That said, she mentioned in a Q&A that she told Hemingway the only way she could do the film is if Mariel would be "completely honest," and the subject agreed.

It turns out that Hemingway is articulate and insightful about the aging process--the ways it affected her and her sister, the ways in which she sees it being transferred to her daughter, and the steps she is taking to try to break the cycle of depression and suicide that has plagued her family. That fact really makes me want to push it for our list since it isn't just that the subject matter is "aging" but also that the approach touches on a spiritually significant question -- whether we are biologically or environmentally determined. 

It's available to stream on Amazon for like 3 bucks. Not sure where else it might be playing. (I think it was broadcast on OWN). 

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