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All is True (2019)


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I did not like this at all.

Wait, I'm mean to say: liketh this, I did not.




Many of Shakespeare’s plays revolve around melodramatic situations and characters that are stock or even cliches. But his language elevates the jealous lover, the bitter patriarch, or the grieving family member. Ultimately it is the language more than the plot that distinguishes Shakespeare, and so it is the dialogue more than the treacly music, prosthetic noses, and bad wigs that sinks All is True. The dissonance between when the actors recite Shakespeare’s words and when they recite Ben Elton’s is akin to hearing Kelli Pickler cover Freddie Mercury on American Idol. It just sounds wrong.


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The trailer for this was so bad that it looked like an SNL spoof. I'd be hard-pressed to think of prosthetics that made me laugh out loud the way Branagh's new dome did when I first saw it. 



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I'm surprised you guys didn't like the film since for me it was everything I ever could have hoped for in a movie about Shakespeare's last few years on Earth. Now to be fair this was the first Shakespeare movie I ever saw so maybe I'm a bit biased, but personally I thought it was highly entertaining, extremely informative, had the perfect look and feel of that time, and personally I thought noone could have portrayed Shakespeare better than Branagh did. Even though I only rented it and still don't officially own it, it did get me interested in seeing other Shakespeare films, and thanks to it I now own on DVD the 1999 Kevin Kline version of a midsummer night's dream, Kenneth Branaghs Hamlet and much ado about nothing, as well as Ophelia which personally I think is an extremely well-written alternate take on Hamlet that just takes you away and almost puts you in a trance like state while watching it. 

Frankly the only Shakespeare films I've seen that I didn't particularly care for was Olivier's Hamlet and the 90s version of twelfth night, both of whom I was lucky enough to view on TV first so don't actually own them. The four Shakespeare's I do own though I love dearly.

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