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Averngers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014)

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I can't say that I was surprised that this was as bad as it was, though my spouse laughed at me for being disappointed. 

I mean, here's the thing. A Black Widow/Punisher crossover ought to be impossible to mess up with even minimal effort. But the script is what it is.

I spent most of the movie feeling sorry for Jennifer Carpenter having to grunt in front of a microphone and wondering if doing voice work was easier or harder for actors for movies this bad. (Does saying it into a microphone make you realize how ridiculous it all sounds? Harder to just go with it if there is a physical presence on set and you are in costume, etc.?)

But....again...my only real point is that a Black Widow/Punisher crossover *ought* to be great and has no excuse (not even the "it's a Japanese anime version excuse) for not being great. 

It did lead me to a nice five minute conversation with the significant other about what other Marvel teammups we'd like to see. She said Domino and Elektra or maybe Domino and Storm. I liked that answer. Made me feel as though we had redeemed the wasted time. 

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