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I wrote capsule reviews of Adam and Young Ahmed and then... a couple days later, on my birthday, I got violently ill and didn't return to the festival for a couple days, by which point I had lost some of my momentum, such that I never quite found time to do a proper sit-down-and-write between movies. I did tweet some stuff, though.

It didn't help that I just couldn't stop falling asleep for a few minutes here and there, especially at the late-night screenings -- and for some reason a *lot* of the movies I wanted to see were showing only once, and the screenings in question were late at night. So I didn't really feel that I was in a position to comment on those films. *Usually*, if I nodded off, it was for a few minutes during the first half of the movie, so I was able to "recover" and find my bearings and settle in for the second half well enough -- but there were a few cases, like Motherless Brooklyn, where the entire final half-hour (and possibly more?) was ruined by the fact that I kept fighting the urge to nod off, and losing. The fact that I had two-hour commutes home every night, and often didn't get home until 1:30am or 2am on the nights that I *did* catch the late shows, was also an impediment, and eventually, by the end of the festival, I was just skipping the late-night screenings altogether.

A few tweets, though, if I may:

Some of those tweets have follow-up tweets. Check 'em out if you're interested.

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