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We are the Best! (2013)

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I ended up doing this film in my World Literature class (which has a lit & film emphasis) because I wanted to break up some of the heavier stuff. It teaches well (though, not surprising for those who know my tastes, is easier to talk about in terms of story and them than filmcraft).

I like that it gives a sympathetic glimpse of social/cultural shifts in Sweden without stacking the deck ideologically speaking. All three of the girls have positive and negative traits and to the extent they symbolize different responses to how Sweden was/was not changing (social organization of family, attitude towards religion, attitude towards women), I think the film is more careful than most to show that those changes can be positive or negative or both. 

Anyhow, it's a modest little film but enjoyable and well done. I recommend it as a companion/comparison piece to something like School of Rock or High Fidelity (for the music angle) or Persepolis (for the female bindungsroman as foreground with cultural shifts in background).


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