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Where are My Children? (1916)

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Well, I assumed there would be a lot of discussion about this, but it appears to be a new nominee?  I'd like to hear from whomever nominated it. 

Too much to unpack right now, but I'm in a weird place viz a viz the 2020 Top 100 list in that certain films make sense to me but only if they are with certain other films. I guess I realized in the Frisco Jenny thread, that if part of the draw (for me) is the pre-code (and it is), the work of film as historical artifact that preserves the development and evolution of our moral sensibilities and arguments about the same, then no one film really does that for me, but a handful of films (FJ, Where are My Children? The Triumph of the Will, The Celluloid Closet, are more than the sum of its parts).

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